Recibimos Huéspedes y
Despedimos Amigos

The food we provide to our guests, deserves a special recognition within the criteria of excellence. We have a kitchen space designed and built to be visible to our guests in the dining room: spacious, open, equipped with a stove, smoker and oven, all wood-burning. We cook many of our dishes in clay pots, which for many guests generates curiosity and delight. Nowadays most of these techniques have basically disappeared, but for us, especially in that area, they’re still efficient, real and part of their everyday life.

In terms of architecture, we are extremely lucky to be able to enjoy an open kitchen, where living trees, wooden counters, wood-burning stoves and ovens, grills, and fresh fruits and vegetables coexist in the same space. We invite you to see our photo gallery so you can understand this beauty.


The food we provide to our guests, deserves a special recognition within the criteria of excellence.

Our Signature Dish

Boiled chicken from an old Merida recipe. At the suggestion of our own guests, it has become emblematic of La Bravera: Boiled Chicken from an old Merideña recipe, which presented to the table constitutes a true local delicacy preserved for the enjoyment of the most demanding diners. This culinary delight consists of a bowl of substantial clear chicken broth, accompanied by a platter of vegetables parboiled in the broth and the whole chicken, seasoned again and broiled in the oven until golden, presented crispy to be enjoyed simultaneously. Make sure to try it!

Local Products

As for fresh products, it is quite common to enjoy an excellent local curd or a smoked cheese, made with milk from cows of the area. By the way, if you like, you could even participate in the production, from milking the cow to serving the cheese on the table, with the help of close rancher friends.

Insumos Frescos

Utilizamos insumos frescos, algunos de ellos cultivados en nuestro propio huerto y preparamos comidas criollas e internacionales con la sazón y presentación que resultan en verdaderos manjares admirados por la gente de exquisito gusto que nos visita y manifiesta su disposición a volver a La Bravera y recomendarla por la deliciosa comida que ofrece. “No lo decimos nosotros, lo dicen los testimonios de nuestros huéspedes”


Para aquellos que prefieren quedarse en la estancia, disfrutando del descanso que ofrecen sus instalaciones o realizando las sencillas actividades dentro de La Bravera o en sus alrededores, podemos ofrecer un almuerzo (con costo adicional, a pedido), con la misma generosidad y gusto de todas nuestras comidas. En caso de querer almuerzo, por favor avisarlo idealmente un día antes

Desayunos y Cenas

En nuestras tarifas incluimos los desayunos y las cenas, pensando en la mayoría de los huéspedes que generalmente salen de paseo después del desayuno, comen algo durante el día y regresan a disfrutar de nuestra cena casera

Positive Energy

Much is said about the benefits of our lands and the kindness of its people; specifically in the mountains of the Sierra de La Culata National Park, which serve as guardians of the famous and immense Lake Maracaibo. Our mountain range receives all the energy reflected by the lake, which generates an almost magical effect on our environment. Reason why our gardens in Estancia La Bravera are home to about 15 species of hummingbirds, without counting on another large part of different birds and wild fauna. We invite you to recharge yourself with good energy, fresh air and health.